For Client

  1. The Reservation Contract is concluded for a period of two weeks, with a reservation fee of 1500 PLN. The fee will be calculated as an advance towards the flat purchase, once the next step contract is signed.
  2. The Preliminary Contract Agreement may be signed in two formats, to be chosen by the client:
  • a notary public act
  • a civil contract
  1. The first payment is 10% of the agreed gross value of the object of purchase, and is paid no later than the date of signing of the Preliminary Contract Agreement
  2. Prices are negotiable, dependent on the value of the first instalment and agreed payment dates of the next instalments.
  3. The Final Sales Contract is signed once the construction process is completed.

Reservation Contract

Advisable especially when you need time to finalise your financial calculations, review your credit capacity etc. while the flat of your choice is reserved for two weeks. When you take the next step, which is the signing of the Preliminary Contract Agreement, the entire reservation fee will be taken as an advance paid towards the price of your flat. If, however, for any reason you will be unable to take further steps, the amount of 1400 PLN will be returned to you at your written request.

Preliminary Purchase Agreement – civil contract or notary public act

Signing of a preliminary agreement in the form of civil contract or notary public act is accompanied by a downpayment of 10% of the agreed gross value of the object of purchase. Apart from the usual terms and conditions binding to both the selling and purchasing party, the contract will also include the individual payment schedule for your flat.

Final Sales Contract

The Final Sales Contract is signed once all the money due to the seller, i.e. the entire sales price, is paid by the purchasing party. With the Final Sales Contract, the ownership of the flat or other premises (along with shared ownership of garage or parking space where applicable) and the shares in the grounds, for which a separate deed will be issued, are transferred to the purchasing party. The Final Sales Contract is concluded as soon as possible after the completion of the construction process.

This is when you also become the rightful owner of your flat and a member of the residents' association comprising all the other flat owners in a given property.