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Fabryka Czekolady

Krowodrza used to be the suburbs. Nowadays, this district is in fashion. The Krowodrza area used to be full of granges, meadows and gardens, where Krakow bishops had their summer residence. Yet, due to the city’s growth and construction development under the programme Big Krakow, on April 1st 1910, Krowodrza was officially incorporated into the city borders and became another district of Krakow with the population of 5583 inhabitants back then.

Today, 42 thousand people live in Krowodrza that is perceived as one of the most prestigious and trendy districts in Krakow. It is very conveniently located, close to the city centre and all key city destinations, with good public transportation, handy services and countless shops. The district is full of history and peculiar architecture, and these are only few out of the innumerable assets that the area offers.

You can WALK to your work from here and eat LUNCH in Rynek…
Here, you can do JOGGING in the Wyspiański Park,
see FRIENDS in Kazimierz
and the smell of Chocolate is in the air…

In this energetic and lively district, there is an exceptional sweetly flowing street called WROCŁAWSKA.

Our investment is like a chocolate box, full of nice surprises… Reach for something that you like most!

There was an operating chocolate factory producing lovely chocolate bars that are now known all over the world under the WAWEL brand.

Today, at the same place, equally inspiring architectural solutions have been created. Having preserved the historical traces by integration the industrial image of this place with the surrounding, the GEO Developer’s Group  is building its own modern FABRYKA CZEKOLADY, in English: CHOCOLATE FACTORY. This is the exact name of the residential complex, the Group’s latest investment.

So, if the magic of Krakow … tempts you, if the tradition and prestige of this city attracts you, if modern trends and tasteful style is your second self, it means that Chocolate Factory (Fabryka Czekolady) is an ideal place for you.

As a child, who did not dream at least for a second of entering the secret world where the candy and sweets were made? Chocolate Factory (Fabryka Czekolady) offers you it all.

Description of the investment

The I stage of the investment (A segment, building AB) offers 66 different apartments:

  • 1 – room CHOCOLATES of  circa 37 sq. m.
  • 2 – room PRALINES of circa 48-58 sq. m.
  • 3 – room BIRD’S MILK  of circa 66 – 81sq. m.
  • 4 – room TRUFFLES of circa 96-120 sq. m.

Completion date: January 2013 – I stage.

General Contractor: Tulcon S.A.

Other facilities and transport

- 2,5 km (circa 30 min. by foot) from the Main Square and the Old City
- circa 0,8 km (10 min. by foot) from the Nowy Kleparz market:
- main exit roads: circa 4 km from the roundabout Rondo Ofiar Katynia and the national road route no. 94 Kraków – Olkusz – Katowice (circa 8 min. by car); circa 7 km from the A4 highway Kraków-Wrocław (15 min. by car).

- Biedronka (Wrocławska Street) circa 50 m away,
- Carrefour (Łokietka Street) circa 50 m away,
- Ikea and Makro, Cash & Carry circa 3,5 km away,
- Galeria Krakowska shopping mall is 2 km away;

- Theatre Kto (in English: Who) in 8 Gzymsików Street is circa 0,6 km away.

Recreation & sports:
-  Park Krowoderski is 1,8 km away;
-  Park Wyspiańskiego is circa 1,5 km away;
-  Aqua park and Multikino is circa 5,5 km away;
-  Hotel Demel Stadium is circa 2 km away;

Day nursery:
- no. 18, 30A Mazowiecka Street;
- no. 14, 24 Sienkiewicza Street,
- Świat Elfów, 58/16 Aleja Słowackiego

Infant schools & kindergartens:
- no. 43, 45 Mazowiecka Str.
- no. 75, 8 Grottgera Str.
- no. 55, 24 Sienkiewicza Str.

Elementary schools and junior middle schools [Polish: Gimnazja]:
- no. 2 Private Elementary School and Junior Middle school. 53 Wrocławska Street,
- no. 36, 70 Mazowiecka Street,
- no. 34, 65 Urzędnicza Street.

Secondary/high schools:
- XXXI LO, 2 Zakątek Street,
- XX LO, 5 Szlak Street,
- Kolegium Europejskie, 33 Kazimierza Wielkiego Street

Banks and post offices:
- Post Office 65, 48-50 Wrocławska Str.,
- Deutche Bank, 43A Wrocławska Str.,
- PKO S.A. 24 Wrocławska Str.,
- PKO BP SA, 48 Kijowska Str.,
- BPH, 25 Mazowiecka Str.

Outpatient clinics and hospitals:
- Spectra Medical, 53 Wrocławska Str.
- Falck Medycyna, 4/6 Mazowiecka Str.
- Promedis, 29 Lubelska Str.
- Profmed, 40 Kazimierza Wielkiego Str.
-  ZOZ & MSWiA Hospital, 25 Kronikarza Galla Str.
- Military Hospital Clinic, 1/3 Wrocławska Str.

„Remedium”  s.c.,  50  Wrocławska Str.
Pharmacy, 3 Wrocławska Str.
Pharmacy, 3 Wójtowska Str.

Public transport:
- from Wrocławska Street there is a bus no. 130, night bus no. 904
- from Nowy Kleparz circa 0,8 km away there are:
+ trams no: 18, 19
+ buses 132, 139, 154, 159, 164, 179, 208, 257, 277, 292, 439, 501, 5, 3, 608, 904


  • Delicious functional apartment arrangements
  • Comfortable and spacious rooms
  • Tasteful kitchens with an option of making open kitchens
  • wooden windows
  • sliding window blinds on the upper floors
  • anti-theft window shutters on the ground floors
  • play-ground for children
  • anti-theft C class doors
  • balcony’s floor covered with hard tiles


fabryka_czekolady_bud_a_b_c_widok od dziedzinca_m.jpg
fabryka_czekolady_bud_a_b_widok od dziedzinca_m.jpg


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